After working your entire life, you are now able to step back and enjoy life on your terms.  We will focus on securing your investments and ensuring the integrity of your financial plan so you can have a fulfilling retirement.  

Retirement planning and estate planning are very important aspects to your financial plan.  Planning in these areas are about achieving peace of mind, including addressing:

  • Having enough income during retirement
  • Being able to attain life goals and adventures
  • Reducing taxes
  • Minimizing taxes over your lifetime
  • Avoiding claw-backs in retirement
  • Annual review of wills
  • Transferring your wealth tax efficiently 
  • Planning for a loved one with a disability or mental illness
  • Ensuring loved ones’ are financially stable
  • Transitioning the family cottage or second properties

Adjusting to retirement can be difficult and stressful as your employment income drops off. By leveraging our team of experts, you are able to receive detailed financial projections and strategies to ensure your life goals are achieved.  Our professionals work in tandem with your accountant, so you truly have one team of experts working together for you - navigating all facets of your affairs.