When you find yourself with considerable wealth, you won’t likely want to put it at risk. We cannot eliminate all risks, but we can identify and mitigate them through structuring and insurance where applicable.

Risk can come in many forms, including some of the following:


Insurance Audit

We find that many people are sold an insurance policy then don't hear from their insurance agent for years as the agent received most of their commissions upfront. Now as time goes by - needs for insurance change and new products are created that can have lower costs or which are better suited to meet goals. When partnering with us as your primary wealth advisory team, we conduct a detailed analysis of your current insurance policies to ensure that based on your needs you are properly equipped with the right tools to transfer risk to a third party.  

Ongoing Review of Current Policies

Our risk management experts have analytics to review your current insurance policies on a monthly basis for available opportunities, including:

  • new products that better meet your needs
  • new products with lower costs
  •  conversion opportunities which can lower costs or permanently lock in the death benefit of the policy while not making further payments
  • flag upcoming renewal dates

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