With this philosophy, we provide truly customized services through one point of contact for all your estate needs.  The result is true Peace of Mind.  


EstateStewards ™ serves as a single point of contact, bringing all family members and needed professionals together, for a common goal, to care for your financial affairs now on an integrated basis, and your estate in the future. One point of contact. Real peace of mind…because people matter.  


We ensure that a thoughtful and comprehensive estate plan is in place and that we prepare for the future by gathering and storing key information in our Virtual Client Vault so that it can readily be accessible when required by those who you wish to have access.

We can act for you today, as either a power of attorney (“POA”) for property, or an agent for your selected POA.  We can pay your bills, manage your investments, or arrange other services you require, so that you can free up valuable time to spend it on the people and things that interest you most. One point of contact.  Real peace of mind…because people matter.


We can arrange for an experienced executor for you in the future, or be an agent to your selected executor for your estate.  We can provide a seamless transfer of your estate to the next generation at different points in time, ensuring good communication with all family members and any needed professionals along the way. One point of contact. Real peace of mind …because people matter.  

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