“The purpose of business is to make people’s lives better”

At Wealth Stewards we offer a truly different service offering, from a selective team of experts which view that our purpose is to make people’s lives better.  There are a few aspects that make Wealth Stewards very different than the majority of financial advisors in the Canadian marketplace. 

Fiduciary Environment

Many of the wealth management teams in Canada are brokers.  Portfolio Stewards Inc., a registered portfolio manager, operates with a fiduciary responsibility to always put the client's interest first.    Click here for a video explaining Brokers vs. Fiduciaries.  


We firmly believe that families deserve unbiased, objective and transparent advice.  As stewards, we conduct ourselves according to certain principles.  

Some of those which that differentiate us are: 

  • We place our clients’ interest ahead of our own
  • Our purpose is to make people’s lives better  
  • We get to know our clients on a deep personal level and assist them in areas beyond their financial affairs; whether it be driving them to an appointment or having dinner together in our homes

One Team of Experts

We believe families deserve one cohesive team of experts working in tandem.  The traditional silo system that families have various advisors not working in tandem does not achieve optimal results.   We integrate financial planning with your current advisors, so we are all on the same page, or bear our experts together to truly provide one team of experts, including: accountants, lawyers, financial planners, portfolio managers, insurance agent and business transition advisor.  


Our advisors have the most respected credentials in their field of expertise, including, CFP, CPA, CA, CFA, CIM, LL.M, FSA, FCIA, CLU.  They have the background, experience and references to go along with providing the highest quality advice.  

Goal Alignment

We do not have products to sell.  Our goals are aligned with our client's to ensure our advice is objective, transparent and suits our clients needs.    

Defined Processes

We have a defined process to wealth management.  We understand our clients values, goals and objectives.  We have a process to determine where someone should be on a risk reward spectrum in the investment area.  We have a defined process for our overall wealth management - our 5 Engineered Steps to Wealth Management.  

Alternative Investments

Portfolio Stewards Inc. provides alternative investment strategies to meet unique objectives such as low volatility, accessing niche asset classes, minimizing taxes, etc.  We constantly seek new strategies that meet our prudent due diligence requirements to further enhance our clients' portfolios.  

Client Vault

Your portal is a unique place to store all your important documents (wills, investment statements, powers-of-attorney, insurance policies, etc.).  This allows for easy access for you and your spouse - all in one place. 


Our advisors are available for in-person or online meetings outside traditional hours, to accommodate our clients’ schedules.