We are wealth counsellors for Canadian families and business owners

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Your business is your passion. It is what you are best at and where you spend the majority of your time. It is also the largest portion of your net worth and in most cases, it is your retirement plan. We use dedication and innovation to assist in growing and protecting your overall wealth in and outside the business.

Medical Professionals & Pharmacists

As a medical professional you are invaluable to Canadians. Every day you save lives and make people’s lives better. Your contributions to society and your success unfortunately result in paying significant taxes. We can help you minimize taxes and design a comprehensive financial plan,

Corporate Executives

As a corporate executive you have many responsibilities. You are relied upon by many, notably ensuring your family’s financial security, as well as trying to achieve financial independence sooner. We will strategize a comprehensive wealth plan and portfolio to aid in achieving your financial goals.


After working through your life, you are now able to step back and enjoy life on your terms. We will focus on securing your investments and ensure the integrity of your financial plan for a long, fulfilling retirement.