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What is the IA&E?

We recognize that choosing an advisor is a difficult decision. We aim to make that choice as simple as possible by providing you with a tangible demonstration of our services and exactly what we will be able to do for you.

In order to help you see the Wealth Stewards advantage, and to determine whether we can help you with your financial needs, Wealth Stewards provides a complimentary Initial Assessment and Evaluation (IA&E).

The IA&E is of significant value and there is no obligation to move forwards with our services after it is completed. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We know that the process of selecting or changing a primary financial advisor is difficult and we want to do our part to make the process as easy as possible –without risk to you.

What will the report Identify?

  • Will your financial resources be adequate for you to continue enjoying the lifestyle that you want?

  • Are there any financial dangers you are exposed to?

  • Are there any opportunities that may have been missed?

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