Gerald Zengeya

Vice President, Compliance & Business Optimization


Gerald Zengeya, CFA, is the VP Compliance & Business Optimization for Wealth Stewards Inc and the Chief Compliance Officer for Portfolio Stewards Inc.

A Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder, Gerald has the education and experience to work in wealth advisory and portfolio management.

Upon completion of an Economics degree from the University of Cape Town, Gerald began working at BT in the UK, gaining experience in various finance and back-office roles. He moved back to Zimbabwe and worked as a Financial Advisor for a UK-based wealth advisory company, where he helped high net worth individuals and corporates diversify their investment portfolios into safer overseas jurisdictions.

Gerald started his journey at Wealth Stewards in 2018 as an Admin Assistant and over the years he has gained experience working in operations, compliance and portfolio management. In his current role as VP Compliance & Business Optimization he overseas all compliance matters for the portfolio management side of the business and works with the other departments to streamline the processes and procedures to ensure a smooth customer experience and more optimized business and the company continues to grow. He also sits on the Investment Committee and helps shape the direction of the company’s investment philosophy.

In his spare time, he gravitates towards activities that keep his mind sharp – he plays Wordle everyday and occasionally plays chess. He’s taking French lessons (he wants to be tri-lingual and loves Montreal), and recently has taken up more sporting activities too, swimming lessons and more recently tennis. He also volunteers as a mentor to the most recent graduates at his alma mater.

What charity or cause is important to you?

They say give a man a fish and he’ll come back for another one but teach him how to fish and he’ll support his family. Opportunity International, whose mission is to tackle global poverty in a way that empowers their clients to expand their businesses and create jobs, is the charity I support since it follows the mantra of tackling poverty in developing countries in a way that is similar to teaching them how to fish.

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