Wealth planning for Peace of Mind, or the absence of mental stress or anxiety.  Many affluent Canadians have dealt with their financial affairs in silos, with several professionals looking after their respective area of expertise, albeit without coordination between them.

The WSI Stewardship Model is different.  Our array of experts work together in conjunction with your accountant to understand your personal goals and incorporate all areas of your affairs in tandem to provide comprehensive planning into a ‘Wealth Action Plan’ unique to you that we monitor, evaluate and update.     

Our comprehensive approach to financial planning includes:

  • Retirement Planning 
  • Tax Planning
  • Global Investment Management
  • Risk Identification and Management 
  • Wealth Transition and Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Philanthropic strategies

We start with a complimentary and objective approach to gather a deep understanding of your situation, your values and your goals in order to analyze your situation - the Initial Assessment & Evaluation (IA&E).  Our IA&E process is our initial step to comprehensive financial planning.  It allows us to analyze your situation at a high level, provide you with a meaningful analysis and strategies tailored to you, on a complimentary basis.  

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