As a medical professional you are invaluable to all Canadians. You have committed to improving the lives of Canadians day in and day out. Unfortunately, your success and contributions to society result in paying significant taxes. It all starts with a plan. Each of our clients has a comprehensive plan that is created with you at the centre in conjunction with all trusted advisors. Our goal is to have a roadmap to accomplish your goals and dreams while minimizing taxes along the way.  This allows you to focus on what matters most to you – your practice and your family.  There are multiple ways to accomplish this:

1. Minimizing your families’ tax liability

2. Withdrawing cash/investments from your corporation on a tax-free basis

3. Increasing your net worth after-tax 

As you focus on what you do best, our team of experts focuses on what we do best - navigating all other facets of your affairs. Our professionals work in tandem with your accountant, this way you have a cohesive group of experts who will address the following:

  • Retirement Planning 
  • Tax Planning
  • Global Investment Management
  • Risk Identification and Management 
  • Wealth Transition and Estate Planning
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Philanthropic strategies

Tax-free withdrawals from your corporation 

We have strategies to withdraw cash/investments from your corporation on a tax-free basis.  These strategies flow through the corporation's Capital Dividend Account, avoiding personal taxes and significantly reducing your tax liability over your lifetime, resulting in higher net worth.  Thus, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, increase your spending, or to leave more to your loved ones.  

Increasing Profitability

We also specialize in increasing the profitability of pharmacies.  For example, we assisted the most innovative pharmacy in Canada to increase profitability by 66% in the first quarter of our involvement.    

For example, if you are a medical professional, a Personal Pension Plan (PPP) is likely one prudent strategy for you.  Feel free to read more about the PPP - here.