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You deserve unbiased, objective and transparent financial advice from your advisers

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We offer a unique approach that is simply not available at many of Canada’s major financial institutions.

Wealth Stewards is your trusted team of wealth management advisors based in Toronto, specializing in high-net-worth wealth management across Canada. When you choose us, you're choosing a partner dedicated to your financial well-being.

We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of private wealth management and financial planning in Canada.

You have worked hard for your money and our top investment advisors will work hard for you.

Experience the Wealth Stewards Advantage For Yourself

A Truly Collaborative Approach

Say goodbye to the siloed approach. Our team of wealth managers and investment managers work cohesively with your accountant and other professionals to provide you with a comprehensive financial plan.

We are Fiduciaries

Wealth Stewards operates as a registered portfolio manager, prioritizing your interests and acting as fiduciaries. Your financial well-being is our utmost concern.

Flexible Meeting Options

Our wealth management advisors are available for in-person or online meetings, even outside regular business hours, ensuring we accommodate your busy schedule.

Access Unique Investment Opportunities

Portfolio Stewards Inc. offers alternative investment strategies that align with your unique financial goals, including low volatility, niche asset classes, and tax minimization.

Top Financial Planning & Investment Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our experienced wealth managers offer a range of bespoke services tailored to your unique needs.

  • Financial Planning in Canada: We provide top-tier financial planning services designed to secure your financial future and optimize your wealth.

  • Retirement Planning: Let us help you build a secure retirement plan that ensures you enjoy your golden years worry-free.

  • Tax Planning: Maximize your wealth by minimizing your tax burden through expert tax planning strategies.

  • Estate Planning: Preserve your legacy and assets with our estate planning services.

  • Risk Identification & Management: We assess and mitigate risks to protect your investments.

  • Philanthropic Strategies: Discover effective strategies for giving back to your community and creating a lasting impact.

  • Family Office Services: We provide comprehensive family office services to simplify your financial matters.

  • Business Planning: Our business planning services are designed to support your entrepreneurial endeavours.

  • Business Transition Planning: Ensure a smooth transition of your business with our expert guidance.

We work with clients who want more out of their investment advisors.

You have worked hard for your money and our advisors will work hard for you.
To be a client of Wealth Stewards is to be someone who understands the importance of good financial advice and guidance and who values the development of a long term personal relationship. When choosing an advisor, you don't necessarily want the biggest investment firms in Canada. Having a firm with top wealth advisors who understand you and your needs and can provide a deeply personalized service is essential.

We work with a range of individuals and while we know you cannot be put into a box, many of our clients are:

Retired elderly couple happily enjoying their time on the water sitting on their yacht at sunset


You deserve to enjoy your golden years without the stress and anxiety of dealing with your finances. We offer retirement planning services to give you peace of mind that you have the resources you need.

Three executives reviewing and discussing financial and wealth management


We understand the complex needs that executives often have, from managing stocks, high levels of income and tax planning, you deserve a custom plan for your needs focused on maximizing your wealth, minimizing your tax and protecting your assets.

Private business owner standing happily in the middle of his warehouse workplace

Private Business Owners

Whether you are planning for a sale or succession of your business, optimizing your cash flows, growing your business, managing the risks or running a business or protecting your assets, we can help you stay on track as your circumstances change.

Group of diverse medical professionals in various fields standing together

Medical Professionals

We work with doctors, dentists and pharmacists to balance the demands of your career with your personal financial goals. Whether you’re looking to maximize your income, minimize your tax or protect your assets as you move through a demanding career, our top wealth advisors are there for you.

Multi generational family sitting together and taking a selfie at their kitchen table

High Net Worth Families

For high net worth individuals we recognize the importance of building a strong ongoing relationship with your advisor team. We are able to act as a one-stop shop for your financial needs. as one of the best investment companies Canada, Wealth Stewards can give you the peace of mind and support that you and your family need.

What to Expect in your initial assessment and evaluation?

The IA&E is a complimentary service offered to give you the chance for you to get a taste of the value you can expect from a relationship with wealth stewards. It is an opportunity for you to get to know our team and for us to determine if we will be able to help you with your financial needs.

The IA&E is of significant value and there is no obligation to move forwards with our services after it is completed.

At Wealth Stewards, we're here to give you the gift of peace of mind. Book your consultation today to begin your journey towards financial success with the leading private wealth management advisors in Canada.

Call us at: 1 (647) 931-1515

What our clients are saying

I am not big fan of paperwork. I have worked with you at the bank and I remember the amount of paperwork we had to go through for small transactions, I love how simple and efficient the process is with Wealth Stewards



I've never been a fan of investment advisors, since most are brokers with hidden conflicts of interest, so the fee transparency at Wealth Stewards is important to me. At the same time, I've had to admit (in my 50's) that I'm not myself a savvy investor myself. Our advisor works well with our accountant, considers our situation and gives good advice when we need it. And the investment returns have been better than what I would have done myself...I'm tracking it. I feel like we've made a good choice with our advisor and Wealth Stewards.



I learnt of Wealth Stewards from my accountant who suggested I give them a call. I am very thankful for his suggestion because it has been a wonderful experience.

Dr. M Russell


Our advisor has been a breath of fresh air for my wife and me. He has an easy going attitude, impressive knowledge and is a great communicator. In the past, our biggest frustration has been the sinking feeling that our interests have been secondary to our advisors interest. That said, our overall experience with Wealth Stewards and our advisor has been excellent. We are happy with our returns and feel comfortable that our portfolio is in good hands even in these turbulent times.

M.T and K.M


Wealth Stewards has been advising and guiding our family through two generations. With that comes a steadfast, trusting and most importantly, a personal relationship. Ms. Haley Thomas and Mr. Robert Miller are always quick to respond to any queries; open to listening to our concerns; and always willing to discuss anything we bring to the table. They work together with our Accountants, so the dreaded ‘tax time’ is never stressful, nor left to chance. They continue to foster a feeling of confidence, cultivate an environment of care and ultimately, keep us secure in the knowledge they are the simply the best at what they do.

RL and BL


We have been working with Wealth Stewards for 3 ½ years now. My wife and I feel very comfortable we are with the right team of financial experts who truly understand our needs. From estate planning to financial planning, Wealth Stewards offers it all. When we joined partnership with your company in July of 2020, the world was in a pandemic and things were all over the place. Your expertise allowed us to build a financial plan that has started to see some solid growth in a market that has been very unstable. Our meetings every 3 months where we review all goals and strategies is working great .Haley, we appreciate your flexibility, your knowledge of the financial markets and more importantly, that you understand our risk/reward comfort zones.

As an investor who has worked with numerous financial institutions over the past 35 years, we are very lucky to be dealing with a company like Wealth Stewards. You do what you say you are going to do!! In todays market, this is very hard to find.



Haley Thomas has been my financial advisor since 2015. I came to her at a time when I was disillusioned with financial advice and I had a rough relationship with money! Therefore, I didn’t fit anybody’s definition of “Ideal Client”!

I’d like to comment on both Haley’s financial savvy as well as her character and personality. Let me start with the latter, because it was her personal approach that broke the ice with me, enough so that I became willing to listen. Haley read me well enough to instinctively know not to pressure me. She gradually and gently learned about our money challenges. Although married to a retired teacher with a predictable income, the financial peaks and valleys of my consultancy over 20+ years had me in a constant state of mild anxiety. I had either time or money, but seldom both. My husband stayed with our former financial advisor for several more years, but realized that my moods had changed whenever the conversation of money and future came up, so he switched to Haley as well. Since then, we’ve made significant progress toward our financial goals. With Haley’s gentle nudging, we updated our estate planning, renovated our kitchen and my office, enjoyed several fabulous vacations, converted my RRSPs to RRIFs that make sense, and significantly paid down our mortgage with plans to have a mortgage-burning party in the very near future. Haley consistently touches base with us, and seeks out and shares information which is relevant to my dual citizenship status. Haley has helped me lose my guilt about some previous financial decision-making, and knows my independent nature well enough to provide viable options, pro’s and con’s….but allows me to make the final decision. The biggest outcome with Haley is that I’m at peace with money.

There are financial planners and there are trusted advisors. Haley scores highly in both!

Cheryl Crumb


I have been working with Haley Thomas an the team at Wealth Stewards for three years. The decision to work with a wealth management company is a very big step filled with nervousness and trepidation.

Most significant is, “me, I should work with a wealth management team. I am not wealthy” But in reality, I have worked hard and want to know that my financial future and that of my children are in professional hands.

Haley is a kind and caring individual who walks you through every step of the process getting set up and provides her time and expertise on each decision that has to be made. I sleep much better knowing that someone else is watching the markets and investment opportunities that come available. I now understand my financial position clearly, having partnered with Haley. I make better investment and tax planning decisions for the long term.

I have always felt supported and never pressured by Haley and her team. I highly recommend Haley Thomas and Wealth Stewards.



Paul, I have been so pleased with my association with Wealth Stewards and you in particular. Any time I have contacted you with financial questions or issues you have responded quickly and conscientiously. Even though I am probably not your biggest client, you have made me feel important and taken care of me and my family’s best financial interests since I lost my husband 20 years ago. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my investments are doing well. I look forward to continued success with your guidance. Thank you for the personal attention you’ve shown me. Your concern is genuine and I look forward to many more years of your professional guidance and friendship.



Wealth Stewards is one of the top investment firms in Canada

FP Award

Two time Winner Global Financial Planning Awards for Canada

Alternative investment award

Three time finalist for ICM Asset Management Advisor of the Year - Alternative Investments

Though our office is located in Etobicoke, our flexible meeting options mean that we are able to serve clients across Ontario and Canada

Many of our clients are located in:












North York

OakvilleRichmond HillScarboroughVaughan
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