Historically regulatory barriers have restricted accounting firms from proactively collaborating with wealth management specialists and as a result, clients have been getting fragmented advice. It’s our belief that by removing these divisions, you can integrate your services and offer guidance that is more customized to client’s personal circumstances. 

Study after study concludes that the more integrated your services, the stronger your relationships become. This translates into increased revenue streams, long-term clients and the position of ‘most trusted advisor’

The accountable support program puts our people on your team, so you can deliver this level of advice without being limited by regulation, and without having to carry out these additional services yourself. 

“We provide the support, you gain the credibility”


Our Process

With your client at the centre of the relationship, our in-house professionals combine your expertise with theirs in order to integrate each client’s affairs into a cohesive Wealth Action Plan™. Our process benefits from a clear structure and communication that ensures integration is seamless and well-coordinated.  Together, we are one team of experts for your clients.  

Client Value Audit
We help you determine your clients’ financial priorities so that you can identify those who would benefit most from the program.

Program Proposal
The client is introduced to The Accountable Support™ Program in a meeting with you and one or more of our designated team members.

Engagement Letter
All parties sign an Information Sharing Agreement and Engagement Letter to authorize the integrated service model, which includes our CRM system and Client Vault.

Integrated Planning
We collaborate among our team and with your taxation strategies in the design of a personalized Wealth Action Plan™.

Accountable Implementation
The accountants and advisors implement the respective parts of The Wealth Action Plan™.

Stewardship & Communication
On an ongoing basis, our collective team follows communication schedules to monitor, review, revise and implement changes to the plan.



"Wealth Stewards Inc. helped me discover the added value that I could provide my clients. When competition was getting incredibly tough, an edge like this was crucial to differentiating our firm, retaining our best clients and acquiring new ones."

- Harvey Handelsman CPA, CA, Accounting Affiliate Since 2008

"Wealth Stewards’ multi-disciplinary expertise in all aspects of wealth planning and management has proven invaluable to me and many of my high net worth clients."


- D. Cunningham. CPA, CA, Accounting Affiliate